27 goals for 27 years old

myself, pooka & mini pumpkin


This exercise becomes increasingly difficult each year.

Some goals remain the same, while others change. Some years I don’t get to go sledding, while others I don’t pick up a knitting needle at all. If I learned anything, it’s that I won’t complete all of these. I won’t even touch over half of them, but on my most depressed days it reminds me of all the things I would like to fill my time with in this world. It’s a hard exercise, but it’s a glowing light in moments where I feel helpless.

Year 26 round up.

26 was an amazing year- I started of strong, driven, motivated, and in tune with my new goals. I used my entire tax return to start a small business, I sold at fairs and completed online orders. I made money on crafting, I met inspiring people and was busier than ever.  As the year progressed and I learned more about myself, I realized that the time and energy given to this small business wasn’t right for me. So as 26 ended with me confused and defeated, uncertain of the next direction, 27 begins with a blank canvas and almost too many ideas to pick just one. I aspire to end year 27 with the comfort that I don’t have to. That being said, my goals for 27 are more realistically obtainable than last year.

Goals for 27:

1. Embrace many interests
2. See the original Christmas Carol on display at the Morgan Library & Museum
3. Go Dog Sledding 
4. Create Art
5. Knit a Sweater
6. Pumpkin Picking
7. Make Pumpkin Bread!
8. Begin to make Sustainable Decisions
9. Get into a routine
10. Photograph recipes I’ve worked on
11. Read at least 12 books
12. Date-cation
13. Seasonal Photo Shoot
14. Monthly Outfit Inspiration
15. Build an Igloo
16. Go Sledding
17. Go Apple Picking
18. Make an apple pie!
19. Newport Folk Festival
20. Go to Nashville
21. Create meaningful gifts
22. Learn to keep plants alive
23. Family History
24. Ski Trip
25. Attend Wine Tasting
26. Create a cosy creative space
27. Create a playlist for 27

What are the things you look forward to doing every year? Let me know in the comments! (Seriously help a girl out, I need inspiration, I’m getting closer to 30 and am running out of ideas.)

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